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Are you planning for a tour to a foreign country this year? If yes, then you must be aware of taking necessary vaccinations before you begin your trip to stay protected..

Do you want to travel to Brazil? If yes, then starting from vibrant cities to tropical rainforests and sand beaches, Brazil has something to offer for everyone..

Being a parent, you will obviously worry for the safety of your kids. It is quite natural that the stories of coronavirus that started in the flood of China have made the parents worry their children. We are learning about..

Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It is a part of the Coral Triangle largest in area with the highest biodiversity of marine species – mainly turtles and fishes. No wonder the Indonesian island has a huge tourist footfall around the year. If you are planning a Bali travel, make sure you get the necessary vaccines right on time..

You have already booked your flight and you are all ready to set off for the next adventure. Before you plan to leave, there are some steps to follow for staying healthy on the trip. You have to spend some time knowing health risks at the destination and this way, you can keep everyone around you healthy.

Summer is still a long way away but for many the urge to go on a vacation is just as strong as ever. Sunny destinations like Bali are a major draw for vacation-loving people all over the world. As far as the UK and many other European countries..


World Mosquito Day is an annual occasion for celebrating the findings of Sir Ronald Ross, a British doctor back in the year 1897. Ross had been responsible for the finding that female mosquitoes may spread malaria between humans..

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Apart from summer holiday, there is much more exciting if you are a true travel enthusiast! You can plan for the tour to any countries whenever you want. But while planning so, it is very important for you to trip healthily and safely..

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Today the world is a very small place. It has become so small that not only man can travel from its one end to another in almost no time but also gruesome and life-threatening diseases. Here we should better refer to an incident recently reported in Singapore.

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If you are planning to go to Indonesia, you must keep certain things in your mind other than knowing how to enjoy. Indonesia is a popular holiday spot for a lot of travellers. The tourism level..

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If you’re preparing to travel out of the UK, here are some crucial things to discuss. You better prioritise the topic we are about to bring up. Yes, we’re going to discuss travel vaccinations. People have the uncanny tendency of forgetting it till the last minute..

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Your vaccines are most importantly, dependent on the country you are travelling to. Our travel doctors will guide you through the treatment process, and at the same time provide health-related travel advice for every country you are travelling to.