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5 reasons you must study well about the country before visiting Indonesia 5 reasons you must study well about the country before visiting Indonesia
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5 reasons you must study well about the country before visiting Indonesia

If you are planning to go to Indonesia, you must keep certain things in your mind other than knowing how to enjoy. Indonesia is a popular holiday spot for a lot of travellers. The tourism level in the place has exponentially skyrocketed. Studies have found that a site in Indonesia known by the name of Bali have seen around 3.4 million international tourists in a six-month period.

People enjoy the beauty in Bali and love to come over and over again. No one wants to leave such a stunning place which contain over 17,000 islands. It contains marine wildlife and amalgamation of cultures. Whoever visits the place once would love to just dive in the beauty of such a fantastic place. 

When you have plans to go in such a faraway place, you must know your basic rules of going to the city safer and travelling healthier. Since Bali is far from the UK, you need to know about the importance of getting Bali vaccination UK which will be discussed in this post. 

Before packing up your bags and knowing about the places, you must be acquainted with these things: 

Bali is not a country at all

A lot of people misled their information assuming that Bali is a country. Bali is an island situated in Indonesia like many other islands. Since Bali has gained a lot of popularity in terms of travelling, people often think of it as a separate country. Bali is a popular tourist spot and it’s obvious for the people to take it as a separate country as people share their experiences on social media platforms and that’s the cult for this misconception. All this knowledge is very important as you can take the necessary precautions. 

You will find people speaking in a lot of different languages

Indonesia is a big country with vast islands surrounded by it. It is one of the most popular countries in the world. As you have seen people flaunting after they come from Indonesia. You will also find multiple languages. If you want to familiarise yourself, you can learn new words in their language. You will find people mostly speak Javanese, Balinese and Sundanese. you can start your course by learning some basic like saying “hello” or “I need a doctor”. These phrases are very important if you want some serious help from the natives. 

It is not always sunny

You may have encountered with pictures showing sun rays everywhere, but as compared to places like the UK, you won’t feel sunny days. Indonesia is actually a warmer country but it doesn’t mean it will be sunnier than the rest of the countries. Hence, while you pack your bags, keep this in mind about the wetter days when you might need some extra clothes to put on. 

Culture is huge

Any country is ruled by its culture. A country is useless without a culture. You must respect the culture in Indonesia and must learn about them before you hit the place. If you neglect them, you might be attacked verbally which doesn’t look good. One of their culture demands people to cover up their body before getting inside the temple. Similarly, all the sites may be closed during Ramadan. All this knowledge will be required to save your trip from spoiling. 

Don’t forget your vaccinations

Vaccination will be your first priority among anything else. It must be on your first list of to-do. Tell your doctor about your visit to the place and where you are planning to go. Diphtheria, Hepatitis A and Typhoid vaccinations are very much important. Make sure you have received your vaccinations within your travelling time. Make sure you get all these vaccinations from London travel clinic and have a peaceful trip.