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Everything You Should Know About Coronavirus Everything You Should Know About Coronavirus

Everything You Should Know About Coronavirus

Being a parent, you will obviously worry about the safety of your kids. It is quite natural that the stories of coronavirus that started in the flood of China have made the parents worry about their children. We are learning about this kind of virus and there is a lot more about how it spreads, how severe it can be and how you can treat it. There are certain things parents can do about this virus to keep their kids safe and secured.

  • Everyone should wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds. Take a hand sanitizer to spread it properly and get it in between the fingers. Wash before taking the meals and snacks after being with anyone who is or might be ill.
  • Practice good habits like eating a healthy diet, exercising, and getting sufficient sleep to keep the immune system of your child strong.
  • Your child should take flu vaccine that is quite common and may be risky too.
  • Teach children not to touch eyes, noses or mouths with hands unless they wash properly. Take tissues for wiping noses, mouths and throw away used tissue papers.
  • Teach children to avoid touching surfaces when in public. Their little hands will reach for almost everything and so, you have to be somewhat creative. Carry wipes with you for cleaning the tables, seats and other such things in public places before using them.

Do avoiding sick people mean staying at home?

  • You should try to stay away from people who are sick. It is almost impossible to avoid someone who already has germs and might spread the virus before they even realize that they have it. Be aware of some symptoms such as – sneezing or coughing to maintain space between you and others in public places.
  • If you host people at home, you own the responsibility to ask people not to come when they fall sick. Take hand sanitizer with you and ask the guests to use it when they reach.
  • If any family member is suffering from cough and fever, they should try to stay at home. It might not be coronavirus but it can possibly be contagious. By staying at home and taking proper rest, you can improve your health condition.

Advice your child when they have cough and fever

If your child has a cough and fever, this is what parents need to do:

  • Call the doctor for giving advice to your child.
  • If your doctor says your child does not need to be checked, you can make them feel better by:
    • Being sure they drink sufficient amount of water and remain hydrated. Make sure they drink daily as popsicles allow fluids to get into and soothe a sore throat.
    • Use ibuprofen or acetaminophen for fever. Check with the doctor to take the right dose for your child.
    • Use a humidifier to help with congestion.
    • Restrict using over-the-counter medicines in children who are below 6 years. Honey may soothe a cough for children who are one year old. You can use salt water drops for stuffy noses.
    • Make sure they take proper rest as watching television all day is not at all a good idea.

Some warning signs when you need to seek for medical attention are:

  • Any trouble at the time of breathing
  • Severe cough that does not stop easily
  • High fever that won’t get down with ibuprofen or acetaminophen
  • Abnormal sleepiness
  • Pain or irritability that you cannot soothe
  • Refuse to take fluids  or signs of dehydration such as – dry mouth, no tears when you cry or not urinating for at least six hours

You need to consult with the doctor when your child suffers from some kind of rash or has diarrhoea, vomiting. It is advised to take proper vaccinations for Thailand so that you can keep your child protected from various diseases.