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Multi-Faceted Benefits of Timely Visiting Travel Clinics Multi-Faceted Benefits of Timely Visiting Travel Clinics
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Multi-Faceted Benefits of Timely Visiting Travel Clinics

Description: You should visit a travel clinic in your city before going abroad anywhere in the world for whatsoever reason. Timely visit to these places can do wonders to your health and wellbeing as well as that of your family, friends, colleagues and community. 

Today the world is a very small place. It has become so small that not only man can travel from its one end to another in almost no time but also gruesome and life-threatening diseases. Here we should better refer to an incident recently reported in Singapore. The country’s Ministry of Health announced 2 casualties from dengue this year. Mosquito-related diseases like dengue are common in the country but both the deaths involved foreigners, who were visiting Singapore from abroad.

This unfortunate turn of events clearly shows the importance and relevance of travel vaccinations in contemporary times. However, there’s no vaccine available so far to check dengue, mentions a doctor in London dealing in travel vaccinations. But other many severe diseases can be prevented through timely vaccination including yellow fever, influenza and rabies.

The need to visit travel clinics

Visiting a travel clinic is crucial for everyone, who’s leaving the country. Not only doctors and other medical professionals emphasise on it but also England’s highest government body responsible to prevent communicable diseases, the Public Health England (PHE) Centre of Infectious Disease Surveillance and Control thinks likewise.

Visiting travel clinics is even more crucial if you’re leaving the UK to travel to a geographical region that is affected by any infectious disease to some extent or the other. Your timely visit to a travel clinic can help you in more ways than you can imagine including the following:

• Falling sick on the trip may turn out very costly
• Considering the degree of your sickness, you may have to be air-lifted or taken out of the country by other means
• When you get contracted with a disease, you become a threat for locals and other travellers
• You bring back an infection that endangers your family, friends, colleagues and community

In short, falling sick while travelling foreign countries is never fun and you can prevent that with little effort and consciousness, point out doctors associated with The Travel Clinic London. The private clinic is located at the famous Harley Street in Marylebone, London and has earned a considerable reputation in providing exquisite, country-specific travel advice and medications to help people stay safe and healthy on their foreign trips.

Moreover, certain countries want proof of certain vaccinations or immunizations along with your passport and visa to allow you entry. This is done to keep certain diseases away from people. If you are unable to show those immunisation documents, you may have to return home in the very next flight.
When you visit a travel clinic well in advance from your date of journey, all these unwanted hassles can easily be avoided. In this fast-paced time and age, travelling to other countries without proper immunisation documents is as good as travelling without a valid visa.

Reasons you need travel vaccines for

Travel vaccines or travel immunizations are considered one of the best ways to protect you from diseases. Many infectious diseases that created havoc in the past have been eradicated (or almost eradicated) from advanced countries of Europe including the UK through effective and safe vaccines. Thus, many diseases do not exist at your place of residence and you have never been vaccinated against those. Therefore, you’re at high risk of contracting those diseases at the slightest possibility.

It is helpful resorting to some facts over the matter.

A large number of measles outbreaks in the US, over the last few years, were traced back to a traveller, who visited a region that was measles-affected unvaccinated. It’s sad but true, he carried the disease back to his own people.   
The list of travel immunizations varies depending on your exact place of visit. This makes your visit to a travel immunisation clinic and consulting with a medical professional expert in travel health even more important.

Tips to stay safe and healthy before, during and after a trip

Now let us discuss some tips to ensure you stay healthy and safe in a foreign trip.

• Consult a travel health specialist doctor and learn about the possible health risks you may encounter overseas.
• Get any travel vaccination the doctor may suggest.
• Carry important travel medicines including a traveller’s diarrhoea kit, mosquito repellents and anti-malarial medications with you.
• Avoid local street foods and wash your hands repeatedly while travelling.
• Stick to the instructions given by your travel immunisation doctor.
• Take the travel medicines as instructed and use the mosquito repellents and sun-block products regularly.
• Do not forget to receive the booster dosages, if any, after returning home from a trip.

Doctors associated with a well-known private travel clinic in London suggest the tips discussed above blended with little consciousness and presence of mind can keep you safe and healthy on foreign trips.