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COVID-19 PCR Test for Travel COVID-19 PCR Test for Travel
COVID-19 PCR Test for Travel BOOK YOUR COVID-19 PCR TEST NOW (£199)

Why choose Travel Clinic London?

  • One flat fee, no obscene charges to expedite results
  • Over 80% of patients receive their results under 24 hours, 90% within 36 hours
  • Completely free to book, pay only when you attend the clinic
  • Extremely experienced, trained staff take your sample in our purpose-built private Harley Street medical clinic

Private Covid-19 Test in London

Fitness to Travel Certificates signed and stamped by GDC registered doctor (£50)

At the Travel Clinic London we are able to provide you with UKAS accredited laboratory PHE approved PCR Swab Testing for COVID-19 and fit to fly certificates. Results of which will be available within 48 hours. Minimum sensitivity of these tests is 98% and sensitive specificity is at 100%.

We are situated centrally at Harley Street and invite our patients or travellers to take their Covid 19 testing here so that we can obtain the results in the fastest possible time.

The test result provided by the clinic with a copy (in PDF) of your laboratory generated results. If you also want to have a doctor’s certificate perhaps to certify fitness to take a flight, we will be happy to supply this at an additional charge of £50. We are pleased to say that we have, through the Covid crisis, tested many hundreds of people and given the fly to fly certificate through PCR test. The laboratory that we use is state of the art and is also within walking distance - meaning there is no delay between your test being taken and the Courier delivering it safely to the laboratory.

We are very pleased to say that, we have surveyed and 98% of people said that they would recommend us to their family and friends.

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Pcr Test
Pcr Test


What is involved with the COVID-19 Antibody Testing?

The function of an antibody test is to detect whether you have already been infected. If you have had symptoms these must have been resolved for two weeks before the test can be carried out. A sample of blood will be taken for the test by your doctor. The doctor will also be able to advise you on which will be the best test to take and will also talk to you about what you need to do with either a negative or a positive result. At our private clinic we can carry out the following tests for coronavirus (covid 19):

The (£99) IgG Antibody Test

Demonstrating a specificity of 100% this antibody test also has sensitivity of 97.5% to SARS-CoV-2. the sample that is taken from you will be submitted to our London partner laboratory for professional analysis with results normally available after one day.

COVID-19 Antibody Test - What does either a positive or negative result mean?

If you test positive in a COVID-19 antibody test this is an indication that you have already been infected with the virus. At the moment it is not clear whether having had COVID-19 means that you would be immune to further infection, nor how long any immunity would be likely to last. If you test negative for COVID-19 that means that no antibodies can be seen in your sample of blood and the reason for that may either be due to the fact that you haven’t had the infection, or that your infection was so minor that your body's immune system was able to deal with it without producing the antibodies associated with fighting off infections

How much does a private Covid 19 (corona virus) test cost?

We will charge the sum of £199 for private coronavirus testing.  As mentioned earlier, an additional doctor's letter if required will cost an extra £50.

How do you process Covid PCR Test at The Travel Clinic?

Where testing for COVID-19 (coronavirus) is concerned, our focus is always on producing the same day fastest results for our clients while ensuring their complete safety. People coming to our clinic will take a swab test that they carry out themselves, at our Harley Street address in central London. Once that is done our courier will immediately take the test to our lab to be analysed. Within 48 hours your result will be ready although in reality results are normally ready within 24 to 36 hours. We will communicate those results to you usually by email.

I need to prove negative for Covid-19 on a swab test in a same day. Can you do that?

If you have a specific time within which you require a test, we would suggest that you come for testing at your earliest opportunity. If for instance you need to have a negative test 48 hours before you were due to fly then we will arrange an appointment for you to have the test precisely 48 hours prior to your journey.

When will my results be ready?

After your test you’ll get your results and your certificate in an email. We guarantee that results are returned within 48 hours or earlier and that includes over weekend periods. We are one of very few clinics that operate every day of the week so if you require a test over the weekend, we will be able to accommodate you.

Where do I come for a private coronavirus test?

You can come to take your test at our London office at 117a Harley Street, Marylebone. You can find our address on the website and once you've made your booking, we will send you emailed directions. Otherwise book a same day appointment or visit your nearest Covid test centre for a quick test.

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How is the sample taken?

Once you have an appointment, you’ll attend our clinic for your test to be done. All the PCR testing staff are highly trained and experienced health professionals. We also have all necessary COVID-19 precautions including hand sanitising and temperature monitoring. Once you have had your swab taken by one of our experienced nurses in one of the consultation rooms your test results will soon be with you.

What is the test?

The precise name or labelling of the test is the PHE approved SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) reverse transcriptase real-time PCR swab. Once your test has been taken it will be analysed at a laboratory that is UKAS accredited with the gold standard test and the one that is most widely used in for COVID-19.

I have multiple people who need to have a test, can you help?

Where several people require to have a test, you can book the test for the initial person inyour group and then go on to repeat the booking on another screen for another person. On the screen for payment, however, enter your details as well as the details of the second and any subsequent people who are planning to come and take their test.

Can I have passport details or other report added to the doctor's letter?

Yes you can. When you book your test, select the box that indicates you want to have a doctor's letter as well. When you visit our centre just let the member of our team who is helping you know about what you need and they will ensure it is included. If passport details are being added please make sure you have your passport when you come.

What is the information you include?

When we email you, we will send you the results from the laboratory as well as the doctor's letter, if you have requested one.

Will dates be shown related to my results?

Your lab results and the date on which your swab or blood sample was given will be shown and will state when analysis of that test was done and when the report associated with it was generated. These factual details cannot be altered. Where you have requested a doctor's letter, we will also note of the date when of the letter. If you require the doctor's letter to be dated at some specific point after testing please tell us what you need.

If I've not had a test can I still have a certificate?

No that is not possible. The Travel Clinic London would only be able to offer a doctor’s letter confirming you are Covid free prior to your flight, if you took your coronavirus testing with us.

Will you be able to advise me on the policy regarding Covid-19 for any airline?

As not all airlines will have the same policies that they change according to evolving situations we would not be able to advise you about the policies of an airline you are flying with. We would advise you consult the airline directly for their specific rulings.

Can I have a stamp or a signature on my doctor's letter?

So that no time is wasted we will normally send your doctor's letter you request and your test results, by email. The doctor's letters that we send are on our official Travel Clinic London headed paper and will also include the GMC number and the signature of the clinic’s medical director. We've had very few requests for stamps but will be happy to help you with a stamp or a signature, at no extra charge.

Does every country and airline accepts the fit to fly certificate issued by the Travel Clinic when it comes with a doctor's letter?

Every country will have its own requirements for COVID-19 related entry. So far however our laboratory results and fit to fly certificate have satisfied the requirements of the airlines our patients have travelled on and the countries to which they have travelled. The onus is on you to check that the UKAS accredited PCR COVID-19 swab test will be adequate for your requirements.

Can you send a kit in the post? I live outside London.

Unfortunately, at the moment, we do not have facility to post tests however we do intend to introduce this service very soon.

Where can I get a COVID test near me?

The advised is to book a coronavirus test by browsing online and find medical clinics that provide the services near them. We are presently offering COVID-19 tests at our clinic for patients wish to travelling and are without any symptoms. If you are showing any symptoms or self-isolating, please do not attend the clinic and contact NHS on 119.

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Why choose us for Private Covid-19 Test in London?

Simple, we're London's most reliable COVID-19 (coronavirus) PCR testing service.

The Travel Clinic is a fully functional medical clinic, registered with the Care Quality Commission employing GMC registered doctors.

We have been on our premises at 117a Harley Street for over 30 years and have been using our laboratory, which is within walking distance of our clinic, throughout this entire period for our routine blood and urine testing. From our experience across this timeframe, we can say with almost absolute certainty that our service offers the most reliable testing in London.

We have been delivering COVID-19 fit-to-fly testing since they have become a widespread requirement to travel. In this roughly 6 month timescale, as we have watched other testing services deteriorate, every single patient for which we have guaranteed their turnaround time has successfully boarded their flight.

As just a part of our full clinical practice, the priority at The Travel Clinic has always been ensuring our patients can depend on the PCR testing for travel service. Please review our Google and Trustpilot pages, and compare the feedback across the last 6 months to other testing services, many of which are unregistered and unregulated.