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Vaccination for Argentina Vaccination for Argentina
Panorama of the city of Buenos Aires. Aerial panorama of the square near Congreso at sunny day. Argentina

Argentina is a beautiful country with a rich cultural, artistic, and architectural heritage that attracts many visitors from around the world. It is our duty at The Travel Clinic London to ensure you are healthy all through your stay in Argentina. We have provided a guide on travel vaccinations you should take before travelling so that you will not be susceptible even if you are exposed to diseases.

Travel vaccination table for Argentina

We have provided a general guide on travel vaccinations that you should take before travelling to Argentina. The Vaccinations you need may not be the same for other travellers because factors such as itinerary, length of stay and previous vaccination history may influence it.

You will have to take a personal risk assessment with our travel health professional who will take into account factors such as itinerary, medical condition, occupational and lifestyle risk factors and previous vaccination history. This assessment will help us give you the right advice on the travel vaccination you should take.

Vaccination traveller requirement Major Risk factors Course Price per dose
Hepatitis B Some travellers Body fluid, medical intervention Hepatitis B, three-course £ 80
MMR All travellers Person to Person MMR, Measles, Mumps, Rubella course of Two £ 100
Yellow Fever Some travellers Mosquitoes Yellow fever, Stamaril, a single dose £ 110
Typhoid Most travellers Contaminated food or water Typhoid, single dose £ 95
Hepatitis A Some Travellers Contaminated food or water Hepatitis A, a single dose £ 60
Rabies Some travellers Infected Animals Rabies, course of three £ 90
DTaP All travellers Person to Person Tetanus, diphtheria, polio, single dose £ 85

Is there a risk of malaria in Argentina?

The high proliferation of mosquitoes in Argentina is a fact that there is a high risk of malaria. Malaria parasite spreads through a mosquito bite, and when you are infected, symptoms such as high fever, severe joint and muscle pains results. You can suffer these symptoms for days, and it can be fatal if not treated.

The risk contracting malaria is very low in the Salta province near the border of Bolivia as well as Chaco, Corrientes and Misiones near the Brazil and Paraguay borders.

malaria vaccination traveling to argentina

How you can I prevent yourself from malaria

There is no vaccination for malaria. You should arrange some malaria medications while travelling to areas where there is a risk of malaria to prevent the illness from developing. Seek your doctor’s advice before getting any malaria medication because the type of medication you need will depend on your destination, itinerary, length of stay and current medical condition. 

Malaria risks can be reduced by eliminating mosquitoes through the use of insect repellent such as DEET 50%; you can also wear long sleeves and trousers or sleep under a mosquito net.

It is highly recommended that travellers are vaccinated for Yellow Fever before travelling. As a result of this, all travellers visiting where there is a risk of Yellow Fever should get advice concerning vaccination before travelling. You can visit The Travel Clinic London to get information or call 02037457527 to get vaccinated. 

Additional travel tips for Argentina

Argentina is a beautiful country to visit. Buenos Aires, its beautiful and scintillating capital comes to mind when the country is mentioned. The city is described by travellers as an elegant European-like city that integrates old and modern flair and sometimes refers to it as the Paris of South America.

There are more exciting things you can do in Argentina, from touring the spectacular Iguazú Falls in the Northeast to beautiful Patagonia on the Southern frontier. There are countless numbers of trendy attractions you will find in this area that will make your trip memorable

If you consider visiting Argentina and you need a guide on vaccination to take to stay healthy when you are away — The Travel Clinic London can advise you on the vaccination you need to stay healthy on your travel.

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