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CUSCO, PERU – 25 APRIL 2017: Plaza de Armas. Cusco, Peru – South America

Do you wish to travel for work, or take a much-needed vacation amid the sunny beaches and vibrant cities of South America? You may require vaccination against certain diseases that you could encounter on your visit.   

What travel vaccination should you get?

No two places are alike; there are various diseases and illnesses that you could encounter on your visit. The vaccination you should be treated with depends on various variables, including what country you are travelling to and how long will be the duration of your stay. 

So visit us if you live or work in London. Walk into our clinics, or make an appointment, and our team of specialised doctors will provide a vaccination treatment suitable specifically for you.

How many travel vaccinations will you need if travelling to South America?

You will need 2-3 vaccinations.

When will you need a travel vaccination for South America?

We advise that you visit us at least 2 weeks before your due departure date. The Rabies vaccine needs to be administered a minimum of three weeks before you travel. Some vaccines require even longer time frame, and example being the Hepatitis B vaccine, which has an ideal duration of 5 weeks before your date of travel.

So book an appointment, or walk into any of our clinics, and we can help you make a more informed decision.

What travel vaccinations do we offer?

Our vaccinations cover:

  • A combination of Typhoid and Hepatitis A
  • Diphtheria and Tetanus (combined)

Among the potential diseases you could fall risk to, and is less widespread and prevalent in only a few South American countries.  If you are travelling to a South American country in which the disease isn’t a risk, then you probably won’t need a travel vaccine.  But if you intend travelling to more than one South American country, then the vaccination will be very necessary.

Whether you book an appointment with us online or you are a walk-in patient, we will ensure friendly service and a high standard of health services here in London.

Vaccinations for South America by Country

For all visits to South America, we greatly recommend that you have vaccinations against Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Rabies and Typhoid. A vaccination is dependent on what country you are travelling to. We provide immunisation certificates which offer proof that you have been properly immunised to the local authorities in whatever country you’re travelling to.

What else should you check before travelling to South America?

Beyond the illnesses mentioned above, we also recommend that you confirm the status of your diphtheria, polio and tetanus immunisation before your trip. This can be done when you book an appointment with us.

Need more comprehensive information?

Put a call through to us on 020 37457527 for more information about vaccinations when travelling to South American countries. The vaccines can be administered there to you. We will give you advice on the measures to take to prevent mosquito bite, so you are not susceptible to Malaria and Dengue Fever when you travel.

Our team of medical experts at our travel clinics provides not only appropriate professional advice, but we offer you malaria protection tablets. These tablets, while they will not provide you entire immunity, will help ward off infection.

So have no fear of disease ruining your travel. All you need to do is put a call through to us on 020 37457527, and we will attend to your vaccination needs. We are a NaTHNaC registered; our rates are affordable, and our travel experts will make sure you are protected from all disease throughout your stay, and until your return home. 

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