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Sommer, Sonne, Strand und Meer im Urlaub – Barbados

Basic And Necessary Vaccination Information For Barbados Travellers.

An Exposition On The Beautiful Island Of Barbados

The island of Barbados is indeed a beauty to behold. It has one of the most wonderful beaches in the world, and it contains a variety of resorts to cater to everyone’s preferences. The island of Barbados offers lots of fun activities and attractions filled with so much enjoyment that every tourist would feel like staying there forever.

Barbados is a tropical paradise with an abundance of beautiful holds and valleys.

It will interest travellers to know that the streets of Barbados offer a limitless variety of beauty shops. You can be sure to get a new and cool hair cut, a soothing massage or a spray tan session, facial treatment, pedicure and manicure designs etc. The supply stores provide a wide range of beauty and other amazing products varying from DIY beauty needs, weaves and braids, designer beauty products (wristwatches, bags, shoes, clothes designer accessories, swimsuits etc.). It is different claimed that the island boasts of a high number of highly trained professional beauty experts, masseuses, beauticians and the likes.

Barbados Island is indeed a great vacation site, and we bet you’d want to visit the exquisite beach and soak up some sunshine on the glorious white sand beaches. However, after adding Barbados to your bucket list, it is important to have the first stop at Travel Clinic. Visit us some weeks before your departure so that you will be completely updated on the vaccinations you need for your fantastic holiday in Barbados. You wouldn’t want to fall ill during the enjoyment, would you?

Travel Vaccinations For Barbados Travellers

We have provided a travel vaccination table below to serve as a general guide for Barbados travellers. The table provides a general guide as to the Travel Vaccinations that may be advised if you want to travel to Barbados.

Vaccination Type Some travellers Most travellers All travellers Primary threat agents Course Cost per dosage
Hepatitis A Yes Contaminated food and water Epaxyl, single dosage £ 60
Hepatitis B Yes Medical intervention and body fluids EnergixB, course of three £ 80
DTaP Yes  Individual to individual Revaxis, single dosage £ 85
Rabies Yes Infected animals Rabipur, course of three £ 90
Typhoid Yes Contaminated food and water Typhim Vi, single dosage £ 95
MMR Yes Individual to individual MMR, course of Two £ 100

Travel Clinic’s Advice To Travellers All Around The World

No two individuals are the same, both physically and physiologically. Hence, every traveller should visit a travel health expert for a personal risk assessment. It is during this evaluation that details such as leaks threats, occupational risks, medical state, previous vaccination record and other itinerary threat factors would be considered and analysed. If certain vaccinations, medications and injections are needed, your doctor would determine them. 

Our Advice For All Travellers

All travellers must update themselves with routine vaccinations, which could include the following: Mumps, Polio, Diphtheria, Measles, Rubella, Tetanus etc.

Our Advice For Most Travellers

It should be noted that there are threats of Hepatitis A and Typhoid across most parts of the world. As a result, it is necessary that most travellers would need to consider taking a course or booster for these diseases.

Our Advice For Some Travellers

According to their risk assessment, some travellers are also advised to take extra vaccinations for Hepatitis B, Rabies and Japanese Encephalitis.

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