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The Travel Clinic:  Recommended Travel Vaccinations for Columbia

The Republic of Columbia, which is located in the northwestern part of South America, is a sovereign state which boasts of large landmass and territories. Columbia shares a border with Panama (west), Brazil & Venezuela (East) and Ecuador & Peru (South). This South American country established its maritime boundaries with the neighbouring countries through seven (7) agreements on the Caribbean Sea and three (3) agreements on the Pacific Ocean.

Columbia is a safe destination for travel. Like any country in the world, there are areas in it that are good for travellers while some areas are not.  It is, however, necessary to get detailed information about the prevalent diseases in Columbia.

Unfortunately, there is a Risk of Malaria, Typhoid Fever, Hepatitis A and Traveller’s Diarrhea in Columbia. Ensure you get fully immunised before you leave for Columbia. You should visit your physician about 4 to 8 weeks before your departure to Columbia.


There is a high risk of Malaria in most areas of Columbia except for Bogota & Cartagena, which are at high altitude. Malaria, which is caused by the female anopheles mosquitoes, causes high-grade fever, muscle pains and severe joint pains. There is a higher risk of Malaria in the departments of Amazonas, Choco, Cordoba, Guainia, Guaviare, Putumayo, and Vichada

It is best to get advice regarding the most appropriate medications for malaria before travelling to Columbia; this will prevent it from developing. Bite Avoidance through the use of treated mosquito nets, DEET 50% & body covering clothes will help reduce the risk of contracting malaria significantly.

Malaria Prophylaxis is strongly recommended for all areas in Columbia that are less than 1700m. Amazingly, there is NO RISK of malaria in Bogota and Cartagena.

Recommended Travel Vaccinations for Columbia

Vaccine All Travellers Most Travellers Some Travellers Mode of Transmission Course of Vaccination Price
MMR Yes Person-to-Person Measles, mumps, rubella,  2 Doses £ 100
DTaP Yes Person-to-Person Tetanus diphtheria, polio, Single Dose £ 85
Typhoid Yes Contaminated Food and Water Typhoid, single Dose £ 95
Hepatitis A Yes Contaminated Food and Water Hepatitis A, Single Dose £ 60
Hepatitis B Yes Body Fluids, Medical Intervention Hepatitis B, 3 doses £ 80
Rabies Yes Infected Animals Rabies, 3 doses £ 90


Columbian cuisine is a delight. The National dish is the Bandeja Piasa which is the combo of the grilled steak, fried pork rind with rice, red beans, chorizo and fried eggs. The restaurants in Columbia make use of high-quality ingredients, so you are assured of getting healthy meals.

It is strongly advised you drink only recognised bottled water. Use bottled water while brushing your teeth since the water sources in Columbia might not be safe. Coffee is the king of drinks in Columbia.


We strongly advise that you make use of Private Clinics in Columbia unless you are in a state of emergency. The public health care system in Columbia is not dependable. You can access hospitals in the major cities and large departments. Do well to get a note from your Doctor containing any prescription medication that you would require before embarking on your journey to Columbia.


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