Bermuda visa medical Bermuda visa medical

Bermuda visa medical

Before travelling to Bermuda, you need a medical exam to determine your current health condition and identify possible medical complications. A record of your family’s medical history is also necessary.

A chest x-ray is also necessary to check for signs of pulmonary tuberculosis. You can get your results within 3 working days. Contact The Travel Clinic London today for your Bermuda visa medical.

Our Bermuda visa medical

At The Travel Clinic London, we will thoroughly review your medical history, and our experienced doctor will perform a general health exam.

What is the cost of a Bermuda visa medical?

The cost of your medical exams for a Bermuda visa depends on your medical forms and specific requirement. Generally, Bermuda visa medical starts from £349.

Call The Travel Clinic London on 020 3745 7527 for more information on Bermuda visa medical or to schedule an appointment for your medicals.

bermuda visa medical

Frequently asked questions

Do the tests need blood samples?

No. Bermuda visa medicals do not require blood samples, only a medical exam.

Do I need scans?

A chest x-ray is one of the requirements to get a visa to visit Bermuda. We can arrange for your chest x-ray at a specialised facility following your medical examination at our clinic.

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