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Travel visa and employment medical services

If you’re planning to travel abroad, your visa application should be one of the first things on your mind, but in many cases you’ll need to meet certain medical requirements in order to obtain a visa. The Travel Clinic London offers visa medicals for travellers, usually for employment purposes.

Our visa medical services are fast, professional and reliable to help ensure you meet your travel requirements in time.

Why get your visa medical at The Travel Clinic London?

Our quality service, speed and price set us apart. The Travel Clinic London offers excellent visa medical services at a competitive rate. We have established links with top visa service organisations to assist you through your visa application process.

Other reasons to trust us for your visa medicals include:

  • Harley St Clinic, CQC Registered
  • Over a decades experience
  • Well-trained and professional staff

Whenever you visit us, our friendly staff will discuss your needs and concerns and answer all questions you have regarding your visa medicals.

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What do visa medicals involve?

The medical requirements vary between countries, but during your initial appointment, our doctor is also experienced in managing health conditions ensure you get your visa without any problem.

We offer you the following for your visa medicals: 

  • Quick turnaround time
  • Referrals for visa agencies if you need further assistance
  • Competitive visa medical rates
  • Experienced professionals

Why do you need a visa medical?

Getting your travel medical exam when you start your visa application process is important. This gives you time to complete other requirements before the deadline. Early visa medical is also important if you have complications that need to be resolved before the issuance of your visa.

What is the turnaround time for visa medicals?

Generally, it takes 3 – 5 days to get the result of your visa medical, but we can accelerate the process during emergencies.

What is the cost of a visa medical?

You can visit our website for the full cost of our visa medical services. Ensure you bring all important documents, including reports for past and current medical conditions, passport and visa documents. We cannot confirm your identity for the visa medical without your passport.

We also offer the following medical services.

  • Cruise ship medicals
  • Pre and post-deployment medical
  • Travel health and vaccinations
  • Oil and gas medical

You can get the visa medical services for the following countries.

Contact us today at 020 3745 7527 or [email protected] to schedule an appointment for your travel and pre-employment visa medicals.

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