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The Travel Clinic:  Recommended Travel Vaccinations for Costa Rica

Costa Rica, which is a sovereign state situated in Central America, has a population of about 5 million people living in a land area of 51,060sq km. It shares borders with Nicaragua (to the North), Panama Southeast), the Caribbean Sea (Northeast), Pacific Ocean (Southwest) and Ecuador (South of Cocos Island).

This Central American state is known to be a perfect place for tourism and vacation. It is blessed with beautiful beaches, rivers, mountain resorts, and even jungles for travellers who love adventures.

Although it attracts many travellers and tourists, we cannot overlook the health status of the state. It is very important to get detailed information about the prevalent diseases in Costa Rica before travelling there.

There is a risk of Malaria in the province of Limon all year in Costa Rica. The rest of the country has Low to No Risk of Malaria.


There is a risk of Malaria in the province of Limon. Other provinces in Costa Rica have Low to No Risk of Malaria.Malaria, which is caused by the female anopheles mosquitoes, causes high-grade fever, muscle pains and severe joint pains. It is best to get advice regarding the most appropriate medications for malaria before travelling to Costa Rica; this will prevent it from developing.

Bite Avoidance through the use of treated mosquito nets, DEET 50% & body covering clothes will help reduce the risk of contracting malaria significantly.

Recommended Travel Vaccinations for Costa Rica

Vaccine All Travellers Most Travellers Some Travellers Mode of Transmission Course of Vaccination Price
MMR Yes Person-to-Person Measles, mumps, rubella,  2 Doses £ 100
DTaP Yes Person-to-Person Tetanus diphtheria, polio, Single Dose £ 85
Typhoid Yes Contaminated Food and Water Typhoid, single Dose £ 95
Hepatitis A Yes Contaminated Food and Water Hepatitis A, Single Dose £ 60
Rabies Yes Infected Animals Rabipur, 3 doses £ 90
Hepatitis B Yes Body Fluids, Medical Intervention Hepatitis B, 3 doses £ 80


AVOID eating from open Buffets. DO NOT eat uncooked vegetables, salads and fruits that you cannot peel.

Costa Rica exports its seafood; you will, however, get plenty amount of sea bass and tuna in the coastal regions.

It is common to get fruit drinks made with fresh fruits, water and milk. There are good beers brewed in Costa Rica.

The water is safe to drink; however, it is advisable to opt for bottled water. Your body might not adapt immediately to change in environment.


Costa Rica is a tropical country. The weather is temperate in the mountains, but on the beaches, it can get to 270c. Do well to apply sunblock liberally on your skin to avoid sunburn.


The standard of care in some public health facilities is quite impressive, especially in San José. We advise that you make use of Private Clinics in Costa Rica unless you are in a state of emergency. You can access hospitals in the major cities and large provinces. Do well to get a note from your Doctor containing any prescription medication that you would need before you embark on your journey to Costa Rica


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