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Trinidad de Cuba, panoramic skyline with mountains and colonial houses. The village is a Unesco World Heritage and major tourist landmark in the Caribbean Island

Cuba occupies the largest island in the Caribbean Sea. Either for work or vacation, thousands of people visit Cuba yearly, coming for its resorts and Caribbean beaches. Havana is the capital of Cuba. It is among the most historic and oldest cities in the Caribbean and is popular for its nightclubs and museums.

What Vaccinations are recommended for a trip to Cuba?

General vaccinations are recommended for MMR, DTaP and Typhoid. Others include Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Rabies, and Cholera. Travellers to Cuba are not required to provide an International Certificate of Vaccination (ICVP) upon entry to the country, as Caribbean Cuba does not face the risk of exposure to Malaria.  

Vaccinations for the mentioned diseases are specific to the individual to be vaccinated and affected by several factors. These factors include the medical condition and prior vaccination history if any; also the destination for travel, any risks resulting due to the occupation, or the mode of life of the individual. These factors can be discussed with our travel health professional. So visit our London clinic today, or call 020 37457527.   

We recommend you take an estimated time of 4 to 8 weeks before your intended departure to visit our travel health clinic. Our health professionals will provide you with the appropriate medications, and ensure your vaccinations are up-to-date.

We provide below a guideline for travel vaccinations and their risks and course for intending travellers to Cuba.

Vaccination All
Major Risk
Course Price
MMR Yes Person-to-Person Measles, mumps, rubella, course of Two £ 100
DTaP Yes Person-to-Person Tetanus, diphtheria, polio, single Dose £ 85
Typhoid Yes Contaminated Food and Water Typhoid, single dose £ 95
Hepatitis A Yes Contaminated Food and Water Hepatitis A, single Dose £ 60
Cholera Travel Vaccine Yes Contaminated Food and Water Cholera, course of two £35
Hepatitis B Yes Body Fluids, Medical Intervention Hepatitis B, course of Three £ 80
Rabies Yes Infected Animals Rabies, course of Three £ 90

Other travel health risks in Cuba

Heat and Humidity

Cuba is situated in the Caribbean tropics, the climate is sunny, and temperature increases during the day, averaging above 27C on some occasions. The increased temperature could be uncomfortable for travellers that are used to the colder climates of Europe and Northern America. We recommend for your stay in Cuba; you keep in hand a good sunblock lotion. When outdoors, seek shade and wear a hat often to protect your head and skin. Always stay hydrated; drink plenty of fluids.  

Unsafe Drinking Water

Tap water in Cuba is not safe to drink. We recommend you find safer sources of drinking water such as spring water, boiled water, or water purified and bottled for drinking. Much of these are available at affordable prices. Avoid ice in your water, especially if you’re unsure of the source.

Food and Drink

Cuba is popular for its dishes which are influenced by many Spanish, African and Caribbean courses, and cooked with various spicy ingredients. Fish and smaller seafood also are commonly eaten at home and restaurants in Cuba. Watch what you eat and drink, and drink more water than alcoholic fluids.

Healthcare and Travel Insurance

Among Caribbean countries, Cuba possesses one of the best standards of health care. Doctors and nurses are finely educated and experienced, and many clinics are adequately staffed with suitable equipment. We recommend you protect yourself before your trip by taking a comprehensive travel health insurance to cover all your intended activities while abroad. Visit our London clinic today, or call 020 37457527.

Personal Safety

Havana is the largest and busiest city in the Caribbean and is extremely crowded. Be careful when outdoors, especially at night. Leave all expensive jewellery and personal items at home when you visit areas unknown to you and don’t carry large sums of money when taking a tour or visiting popular tourist sites.

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