Cayman Islands visa medical Cayman Islands visa medical

Cayman Islands visa medical

Travellers to the Cayman Islands for work or residency are required to undergo a series of medical tests and physical examinations in order to obtain a visa. The exam will include your family’s medical history and current medical conditions. You will also need a Chest X-Ray to check for pulmonary TB, syphilis and HIV test.

You can get the result of your medical exam for travelling to the Cayman Islands within 24 hours at The Travel Clinic London.

What will I do next?

When coming to the clinic for your Cayman Island visa medical, ensure you bring a passport-sized photo and your passport.

Cost of Cayman Island visa medicals

The cost of undergoing a visa medical for the Cayman Islands will depend on your specific medical forms and requirements. The visa medical typically costs £450.

Depending on your exam, you may also need an MSU and ECG test which will increase the cost of your medical by £160.50. During your examination with our doctor, you will discuss your requirement for these exams including if and why you may need them.

Call The Travel Clinic London on 020 3745 7527 to schedule an appointment for medical exams to get the Cayman Islands visa or to get more information about the visa medical

cayman islands visa medical


When will my report be available?

You can get the results of the medical exam within 24 hours.

Why is a chest x-ray necessary?

A Chest X-Ray is necessary to check for tuberculosis infection.

Do I need any other scan?

A Chest X-Ray is the only scan you need for your Cayman Islands visa medical.

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