Barbados visa medical Barbados visa medical

Barbados visa medical

People who want to travel to Barbados for work, temporary or permanent residence need a thorough medical assessment at a clinic upon arrival in the country. However, you also need some medical tests before leaving the UK. These medical tests include a syphilis blood test and a mid-stream urine test.

Your results will be ready within 2 – 3 days after your medical examination with our medical professional at The Travel Clinic London. Our doctor may recommend thyroid and hepatitis A vaccination depending on your vaccination history.

What is the next step?

When coming to our clinic, ensure you have your passport and any form of identification, including a passport-sized photograph and forms given to you at the Visa office.

What is the cost of visa medical for Barbados?

The cost of a visa medical for Barbados depends on the medical forms and your requirements. However, the cost is £345 upwards.

You can call The Travel Clinic London on 020 3745 7527 to schedule an appointment for your Barbados visa medical or for more information concerning your visa medicals.  

barbados visa medical

Frequently asked questions

Is vaccination necessary before travelling to Barbados?

Routine vaccination typhoid and hepatitis A are necessary before your trip to Barbados.

When will my result be available?

You can get your result within 2 – 3 days after your medical exams.

Do I need a photograph for the Barbados visa medical?

Yes, you do. Ensure you bring a passport-sized photograph to your appointment.

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