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Basic And Necessary Vaccination Information For Philippines Travellers.

In this content, Travel Clinic continues to provide informatory vaccination knowledge for travellers all around the world. And we’ll be focusing on vaccination recommendations for Philippines travellers.

About The Beautiful Country Of Philippines

Philippines is a southeastern Asian archipelago that is made up of about 7,100 islands. It has its country capital in Manila. There are a lot of exciting sites to visit when in Philippines. First, your holiday to Philippines may be incomplete without checking out one of their beautiful beaches. Also, tourists would love to visit the historical sites in the archipelago and explore the wonder natural richness of the country. Philippines is home to severe natural parks and wonderful hotels and resorts such as the Seda Bonifacio City, New World Makati Hotel, City Garden Grand Hotel amongst many other five star hotels and resort centers.

However, before departing to enjoy the amazing hidden islands of Philippines and their amazing Filipino hot chocolate, it is necessary that you equip yourself with the right vaccination and health knowledge for every Philippines traveller.

What Are Some Recommended Vaccinations For Philippines Travellers?

It’s necessary for some Philippines travellers to be vaccinated for the following diseases: Cholera, Rabies, Hepatitis B, and Japanese Encephalitis.

However, for most travellers, typhoid and hepatitis A vaccinations should be taken.

And it is important for every traveller to take routine shots or vaccinations. The routine shots could be MMR and DTaP, among other vaccination shots.

The Risk Degrees Of Some Diseases In Philippines.

Malaria: is a prevalent risk disease in Philippines. There is a relative increase in the risk of having malaria across the entire areas of Philippines, especially areas below 600 meters.

However, there is a very minimal or zero threat of malaria in very big urban areas such as the provinces of : Sorsogon, Bohol, Aklan, Benguet, Capiz, Ilolio, Siquijor, Surigao De Norte, Camiguin, Leyte, Catanduanes, Marinduque, Albay, Masbate, Cebu, East West and North Samar, Cavite, Bilaran, Guimara, Benguet and some other big urban areas.

We will highlight some more details of the illness – malaria, below.

It is quite a common and widespread illness that is spread throughout the tropical world. It’s is caused by mosquito bites usually between the time range of dusk to dawn when mosquitoes are most active. The symptoms of malaria are high fever, severe joint and muscle pains. Malaria, although common, can be very deadly if proper care is not taken.

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How Can You Prevent Malaria?

The best and most effective way to avoid the risk of malaria illness is to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes. This is advisably done by spraying insecticides, rubbing your body with mosquito repellent lotions or simply covering your whole body with long clothes and  your feet with socks etc.

Another effective solution is to visit your doctor the moment you feel any symptoms of the threat illness. Your doctor should administer certain medications to you if the need arises. But do not embark on self medication, it could worsen a minor problem and increase the cost of treatment.

Travel Vaccinations For Philippines

The table below provides a general guide as to the Travel Vaccinations that may be advised if you want to travel to Philippines.

Vaccination type Some travelers Most travelers All travelers Primary Threat  agents Disease Estimate cost per dosage
Rabies Yes Infected animals Rabies, course of three £ 90
Cholera Yes   Contaminated food or water Two weeks before travel. Two doses £ 35
Hepatitis A Yes Contaminated food or water Hepatitis A, for single dose £ 60
MMR Yes Individual to individual contact Mumps, rubella and measles. Course of Two £ 100
Hepatitis B Yes Medical interventions and body fluids Hepatitis B. Course of Three £ 80
Typhoid Yes Contaminated food and water Typhoid. One dose £ 95
Japanese Encephalitis Yes Mosquitoes Japanese encephalitis. A course of Two. £ 150
DTaP Yes Individual to individual contact Polio, diphtheria and tetanus. One dose £ 85

Some Extra Travel Medical Advice For Philippines Travellers

It is very much advisable to avoid walking along narrow streets when it is late. Also, crowded boats are not safe, be cautious.

Be careful when it comes to the water you drink. Local water there is not advisable to drink. It’s best to just stick with bottled water.

Schistosomiasis: this is a flat worm disease that may be contacted through contaminated water sources. It’s best to seek medical help if you observe that you have been exposed to this disease or contaminated water, either from their local rivers, streams, lakes or even in a local restaurant that may have washed their food with contaminated water.

Avoid being bitten by mosquitoes or any other insects both during daylight and at night so as to prevent illnesses such as dengue fever and malaria. Make sure to see your doctor for dengue fever and malaria precaution methods before leaving for Philippines.

As you make plans to enjoy the fun activities in Philippines, make sure you have an health insurance plan that will cover all these activities you intend to do.

Prepare for environmental contingencies: as you would be visiting a new country, probably for the first time, make sure you know vital Information concerning the climate, season, weather, etc. So that you would be better prepared. Also, you may need to prepare for altitude sickness as some places in Philippines could be as high as 2,500 meters and above. Hence, you would need to take counter altitude sickness medication for both your climbing and sleeping altitudes issues.

Travel Clinic’s Advice To Travelers All Around The World

No two individuals are exactly the same, both physically and physiologically. Hence, every traveller should visit a travel health expert for a personal risk assessment. It is during this evaluation that details such as lifestyle threats, occupational risks, medical state, previous vaccination record and other itinerary threat factors would be considered and analyzed. If certain vaccinations, medications and injections are needed, your doctor would determine them.

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