Vaccination for Vietnam Vaccination for Vietnam
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Vaccination for Vietnam

Vietnam is located on the south-eastern part of Asia. The country is known to be a place rich in tourist attractions such as its beaches, rivers, Buddhist pagodas and other side attractions. The country shares its borders with China, Cambodia and Laos. Vietnam houses over 3.3 million tourists every year and over 100,000 people from Britain.

Recommended vaccinations for Vietnam

Vaccination   All Travellers   Most Travelling   Some Travellers   Major risk factors   Course   Price per dose  
MMR Yes Person to person Two weeks before travel. Two doses £ 100
DTaP Yes Person to person Any time before travel. Single-dose £ 85
Typhoid Yes Contaminated food or water Two weeks before travel. Single-dose £ 95
Hepatitis A Yes Contaminated food or water Two weeks before travel. single dose £ 60
Cholera Yes Contaminated food or water Two weeks before travel. Two doses £ 35
Hepatitis B Yes Bodily fluids Medical attention Three weeks before travel. Three doses £ 80
Japanese Encephalitis Yes mosquitoes Two weeks before travel. Two doses £ 150
Rabies Yes Infected animals Two weeks before travel. Three doses £ 90

NOTE: Vaccinations are approximate so as schedules are subject to change depending on every individual’s needs and thus will be discussed during your appointment. The table only shows the minimum times required for a complete course in order for the vaccinations to be completed. Vaccinations can be started earlier than already stated in the list above as vaccines tend to work better if the body is given enough time to process them. However, your vaccine nurses are available to discuss whatever health implications during your appointment with us.

Malaria in Vietnam

Malaria sickness is present in Vietnam. Malaria is a viral sickness, mostly in the southern provinces of Vietnam, .that causes severe joint pains and fever. There are no vaccinations, especially for malaria; however, anti-malarial drugs are advised to be taken along for malaria attacks since there is a high risk of malaria in Vietnam. We also recommend that you consult our travel nurses to guide you through available antimalarial treatment and prevention options.

Other health risks in Vietnam

Chikungunya in Vietnam

It has been recorded that Vietnam has a high risk of the Chikungunya virus. The virus is usually spread through mosquitoes and is high in Africa, South East Asia, Indian sub-continent and the Philippines. There is no vaccination available presently for the prevention of the virus. Travellers are advised to cover up and use insect repellents such as DEET.

Dengue Fever

Dengue fever is spread by mosquitoes called Aedes, also known as tiger mosquitoes, which bites mainly during the day. There is also currently no vaccination available for dengue fever but can be prevented by properly covering up and using insect repellants such as DEET.


There is a high risk of leptospirosis in Vietnam. The infection is however widely spread through the world but more often in tropical regions and places where there are higher tendencies of flooding. The infection is contacted where cuts or abrasions in the skin come in contact with floodwater, moist, vegetation etc. infected by animal urine and other infected secretions. Prevention is mainly by covering abrasions or cuts in the skin properly. Avoid drinking contaminated water or fluids.

High Mountain sickness

Some places in Vietnam have high altitudes, and some travellers are prone to high altitude. Before travelling, it is best to consult our expert travel nurses to put you through AMS and how to avoid it.

We recommend that before travelling, book a consultation with any of our expert travel nurses to put you through the particular vaccination needed based on some risk assessment test which will be carried on you to know some certain information such as family medical history, lifestyle, activities, length of travel and itinerary.

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