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Mexico is a country situated in North America which shares its border with Belize and Guatemala in the south, and the United States of America in the north.

A glance view of Recommended Vaccination for Mexico

All Travellers: Routine Vaccinations: DTaP, MMR

Most Travelers: Hepatitis A, Typhoid

Some Travelers: Rabies and Hepatitis B

Before embarking on your trip to Mexico, certain things need to be put in place to ensure good health during the period of your trip. It is advised that you check in with a travel clinic for needed vaccinations in the country of choice. In Mexico, there’s a risk of Malaria. It is required of you to properly gear yourself up ahead of your trip against malaria and other diseases.

In Mexico, you will likely be required to get a certificate if you have been pre-disposed to fever in time past and to ensure you are not bringing it into Mexico.

Before you travel to Mexico, please check out the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (CFO) advice as updates on travelling to this country changes regularly.

Travel Vaccinations for Mexico

The table below is a detailed guide for the needed travel vaccinations that may be advised to you to travel to Mexico.  Travellers should make sure that they are updated with Routine Vaccinations, including Measles, Mumps, and Rubella, Tetanus and Polio and Diphtheria. Some Travellers may also be asked to take additional vaccinations depending on the risk assessment to include past medical statements, itinerary, and lifestyle.

Vaccination Some Travelers Most Travelers All Travelers Course Major Risk Factor Price Per Dose
Rabies Yes The course of Three, Rabipur Infected Animals £ 90
Hepatitis A Yes Single Dose, Epaxyl Contaminated Water and Food £ 60
Hepatitis B Yes The course of Three, EnergixB Medical Intervention, Body Fluids £ 80
Typhoid Tes Single Dose, Typhim Vi Contaminated Water and Food £ 95
DTaP Yes Single Dose, Revaxis Person-to-Person £ 85
MMR Yes Course of Two, MMR Person-to-Person £ 100

Malaria: Risk in Mexico

Malaria is a type of viral illness which is distributed by Mosquitoes which bite from dusk to dawn in the entire tropical world. It causes severe muscles and joint pains and also a high fever. In a case whereby it is serious, this illness can be fatal.

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Malaria Risk in Mexico

In some regions of Mexico, Malaria is a risk. The risk of Malaria is low in some areas of Oaxaca and Chiapas. The risk of Malaria is very low in  Durango, Quintana Roo, Chihuahua, Nayarit, and Sinaloa.

People who travel to regions where there’s a risk of Malaria are required to get advice with regards to Malaria Medication that can be consumed to help in stopping the development of the illness. The list of medication needed is determined by your length of stay, itinerary, current medical condition, and destination. Furthermore, the risk can be reduced by practising mosquito Bite Avoidance by making use of Insect Repellant like DEET 50% and wear trousers and long sleeves to cover your exposed skin.


For more information and to get vaccinated before your trip to Mexico, the travel clinic is just a call away. Reach out to us today on 020 37457527 and we wil ensure you are vaccinated against all potential diseases in Mexico.

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