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Vaccination for Chile Vaccination for Chile
Moais of Ahu Tongariki on Easter Island, Chile.

The Travel Clinic:  Recommended Travel Vaccinations for Chile

The Republic of Chile is located in South America, occupying a long and narrow strip of landmark between the Andes (east) and the Pacific Ocean (West). Chile shares a border with Argentina, Bolivia & Peru.

Chile, which is regarded as World’s Longest Country is a perfect site for tourism as it is blessed with beautiful beaches, captivating islands, fords, glacial fields and many more beautiful landmarks.

One unique feature of this South American country is its richness in culture, nightlife, high-class restaurants, museums & arts. Its capital city, Santiago, is spectacularly encircled by a small coast to the west and the Andes on the Eastside.

It is necessary to be informed about the prevalent diseases in Chile. Thankfully, there is No Risk of Malaria and Yellow Fever in Chile. This is mainly because mosquito-borne diseases do not thrive in Chile. However, Hepatitis A, Typhoid & Measles are known to affect people in Chile.


There is No Risk of Malaria in Chile. Malaria, which is caused by the female anopheles mosquitoes, causes high-grade fever, muscle pains and severe joint pains. Thankfully, there are no records of malaria in the South American Country.

It is best to get advice regarding the most appropriate medications for malaria before travelling to Chile if you had earlier visited a malaria-affected country; this will prevent you from manifesting the symptoms and transmitting to others.  


Fortunately, Yellow Fever does not affect the residents of Chile. Hence, there is little to no risk of transmission of Yellow Fever in Chile. A Yellow Fever Certification Requirement is nonetheless issued to some travellers heading to Chile. This applies to ONLY the travellers who have visited areas known to be affected by the viral Yellow Fever.

It is recommended that all travellers heading to Chile receive the appropriate vaccines. You won’t be required to take all the routine vaccines while your doctor will suggest the specific vaccines you should take based on your health status and the province you are visiting.

You can contact us at The Travel Clinic, London for a Personal Risk Assessment (PRA) to determine the best vaccines for you before you make a move to Chile. The table below shows the Travel Vaccinations that you might go for before you visit Chile.

Recommended Travel Vaccinations for Chile

Vaccine All Travellers Most Travellers Some Travellers Mode of Transmission Course of Vaccination Price
MMR Yes Person-to-Person Measles, mumps, rubella,  2 Doses £ 100
DTaP Yes Person-to-Person Revaxis, Single Dose £ 85
Typhoid Yes Contaminated Food and Water Typhim VI, single Dose £ 95
Hepatitis A Yes Contaminated Food and Water Epaxyl Single Dose £ 60
Hepatitis B Yes Body Fluids, Medical Intervention EnergixB, 3 doses £ 80


Typhoid & Hepatitis A are known to be easily contracted in Chile, so you must take extra care in the foods and water you consume. These diseases can be gotten through the consumption of Contaminated Water and food.


 Do well to get a note from your Doctor containing any prescription medication that you would need before you embark on your journey to Chile. Some prescriptions may be illegal in Chile, ensure you do your research to verify all your prescribed medications are legal.


If you are travelling through South America by road to Chile, we strongly recommend you consider the travel vaccination that you would need for all the countries that you pass through. Chile’s neighbouring countries include:


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